Mixed Finance / Tax Credit Projects

J. Christian Bollwage E’port Commons

The J. Christian Bollwage E’port Commons is a vital project in the implementation of the redevelopment  and revitalization plans for the Elizabethport neighborhood in Elizabeth, N.J. The four-story, mixed- use project consist of 30 new one- bedroom residential units (plus 1 two-bedroom manager’s unit) that will be restricted to seniors 55+ years of age with household incomes below 50% AMI. The project includes 12 units that will be subsidized with a HUD Annual Contributions Contract (ACC). The first floor of the development will include 3,760 SF of commercial space that will be owned and occupied by the Elizabeth Development Company. The site also include 32 parking spaces to meet the neighborhood commercial corridor zoning requirements. The  building design and construction  is consistent with the NJHMFA A Green Future Program, Energy Star and LEED Gold for Homes.

As part of the development a comprehensive  social service program for the seniors was incorporated. A Social Worker provides supportive and recreational services to the residents on site.

The total development cost of the project was $10,817,266.00.


E'Port Family Homes

The proposed project, E’port Family Homes, is a new construction development that will revitalize the commercial corridor along First Street in the Elizabethport neighborhood.

Elizabethport is a clearly defined mixed-use neighborhood bordered by large industrial and commercial uses to the north and south.  Although primarily residential, some small industrial uses are still active and scattered throughout the neighborhood, providing qa useful economic base without undue negative impact. Homes are primarily single-family detached dwellings dating back to the 1800’s, with many built or rehabilitated as two-family houses.  There are also multiunit 3- and 4 story apartment buildings along the neighborhood commercial corridors. Most of the new market-rate housing is characterized as attached for – sale row houses with garages. Homes developed under the HOPE VI program on scattered infill sites are both rental and for sale detached and duplex structures.

The Housing Authority of the city of Elizabeth (HACE) plans to create 36 new multi-family units for low-income families at 50% - 60% area median income. The unit mix will include one and two-bedroom units and 32 covered parking space in a five-story building, as per the site plan approval issued by the City of Elizabeth.

The building design will be consistent with the New Jersey Energy Star Program (EPA Homes v.3) and will incorporate green buildings materials that will improve the air quality and water and energy conservation. The project amenities will include laundry rooms, HBVAC with individually operated programmed thermostats, internet access, a community room and a security system.

The project will incorporate a comprehensive supportive services program that will be available to the special needs and homeless residents in the project, as well at to the residents of the surrounding community.  The Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth has entered into partnerships with local service organizations for the provision of these services and will provide a bona-fide case worker to address the needs of this population.

The total projected development cost of this project is $8,822,514.00.


Westminster Heights

Westminster Heights is a proposed 84 unit family rental community located on Irvington Avenue in Elizabeth, NJ.  This project will consist of the demolition of a 60-unit building at 400 Irvington Avenue, the rehabilitation of a 57-unit building at 380 Irvington Avenue, and new construction of two 12-unit buildings at the back of the property.  The building at 380 Irvington currently contains 57 units, along with management office space.  The management office space inside the building will be converted into 3 additional units, returning the building to a 60 unit configuration.  New management office/leasing space will be built in a separate building along Irvington Avenue, allowing the management office to be more visible.  The new construction units will be low-rise, in a townhouse-over-flat design that minimizes common space and gives every unit a front door.  All of the units will include blinds, ample closets, wall-to-wall carpet in bedrooms and living room, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and central air conditioning.

The rehabilitation of 380 Irvington will include many important changes that will improve the quality of life for the residents, including the addition of a second elevator, new kitchens and bathrooms, new electric and plumbing, and new windows.  In addition, the first and second floor units will be re-designed to be walk-out units.  This will reduce the number of families having to use the elevators, allow more “eyes on the street” and reduce the amount of families struggling with indefensible space.

The 24 new construction units will be spacious and modern, and have zero common space, which helps to minimize vandalism.  The demolition of 400 Irvington Avenue will help to reduce density at the site, and “open up” the site at the street level.  The space that is now taken up by the building at 400 Irvington Avenue will be re-programmed into open space and a community garden.  The project will also include a 1600 square foot management office/leasing building.

The total projected development cost of this project is $20,988,257.00.