Message from the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director

The Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth has worked diligently to satisfy an ever-increasing demand for affordable public housing, and to create safe and aesthetically pleasing homes while providing employment opportunities for our working- age residents.   The success we note rests wholly on the combined efforts and support of the Mayor Chris Bollwage, the city government, our Board of Commissioners, our staff and are residents.

We are proud of our accomplishments! From the expansion of our Community/Support Services program; to the complete facelift of Mravlag Manor; to the 40 % increase in number of vouchers granted by the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program; to the seamless inclusion of public housing residents in established mixed-income neighborhoods – public housing is more attractive, more hospitable, and more dynamic than ever before.

In addition to our existing portfolio of family and senior apartments, we are pleased to report the construction of two new developments; a new 31- unit Senior Housing Complex on 1st Street - this property was built with state-of-the-art energy efficient designs and met LEED GOLD Certification standards; and a 71 unit rental townhouse development for families located in the Elizabethport as well. 

We can also look with great pride to our success in implementing the required Project- Based Management System introduced by HUD during the past several years to improve overall operating efficiency.  The effect has been transformative and has allowed HACE to evolve into a fully functioning, forward – looking, public housing agency/ redevelopment entity.

As a result, these operational improvements have increased our capacity to continue to fulfill our core mission: to bring forth new affordable housing initiatives to the great City of Elizabeth.

In closing, HACE will remain dedicated to fostering programs that enhance the quality of living and services in our community. Programs such as:

  • Our dance program held afterschool and during summer months
  • Adult High School Collaborations
  • Work Experience Program held during summer months
  • Summer Youth Programs
  • Our Computer Employment Drop-In Center remains open year-round and remains a vital service at its downtown location on 1st Street.
  • Section 3 Pilot Program Initiatives with HUD and the State of New Jersey
  • Section 8 Rental Assistance for specialized programs; Violence Against Women Act (VAWA); Disabled, Homeless population;