HACE Overview

The Housing Authority consists of five public housing sites:

Mravlag Manor 423 Apartments 3 Story Walk-Up Apartments Family
Farley Towers 249 Apartments 9 Story Hi-Rise Apartment Senior/Disabled
Kennedy Arms 125 Apartments 8 Story Hi-Rise Apartment Senior/Disabled
Ford-Leonard Towers 121 Apartments 11 Story Hi-Rise Apartment Senior/Disabled
O’Donnell-Dempsey 100 Apartments 8 Story Hi-Rise Apartment Senior/Disabled

The Housing Authority has undertaken the most comprehensive plan in the City's history to improve the physical conditions of its units and to expand the number of affordable housing units. The initial grant of $29 million was supplemented with more than $93 million raised from other sources, such as low-income tax credits, state-re-development resources, and Brownfield Remediation Funds. Under the HOPE VI Program, the Authority demolished 655 units of dilapidated and outdated public housing stock and replaced it with brand new townhouse style units.   There are 5 new sites:

Portside Commons 79 Townhouses Family Site  
Westport Homes 57 Townhouses Family Site  
Marina Village 20 Townhouses Family Site  
Portside Commons II   79 Townhouses Family Site  
Heritage Village 46 Apartments 4-story mid-rise building Senior-62 Yr & Older
Waters Edge 11 Townhouses Family Site  

Again, these HOPE VI sites are subsidized by the Housing Authority but are managed by privately owned companies.

Post HOPE VI Construction;  the Authority partnered in the development of the following:

Waters Edge Development 11 townhouses, family site and as Developer for:

205 1st St. -  J. Christian Bollwage Towers, 12 apartments Senior site.